What can you do this World Kindness Day to extend kindness throughout the year?


A kind gesture extends beyond a fad or act; it's a lifestyle and mindset change that makes us feel empathy towards one another and makes each of us more just in our interactions.


Kindness reaches beyond niceties and good manners and into transformational action, compassionate inclusion, and empowering solutions far beyond simple courtesy and good manners.


Sunday, November 13th, 2022, is an incredibly important day as it’s World Kindness Day, an international holiday formed in 1998 to promote kindness throughout the world as part of the World Kindness Movement.


The holiday encourages simple acts of kindness and demonstrates how even the smallest actions can have ripple effects through communities. This gives us a chance to reflect on one of life's most important and unifying principles.


At EcoBlvd, we believe that taking small steps ignites bigger action, and so during this day dedicated to kindness, let's spread kindness to all people, and let's take a few moments and reach out to friends and loved ones or do something nice for a stranger. The simplest act of gratitude can have a significant impact on someone's day.

The History Of World Kindness Day

In 1998, several international institutions and associations gathered in Tokyo to promote kindness and improve the global climate, including Australia, Thailand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


Inspired and impassioned by the event, the countries that attended formed the World Kindness Movement to "make the world kinder and more compassionate."

Their hope and goal were to create a day that would help raise awareness of the importance of kindness as a unifying power between people everywhere. In 1998, they organized the World Kindness Summit, culminating in World Kindness Day's creation.

By focusing on the positive power of kindness and the common thread that binds us all, the World Kindness Movement intends to mark World Kindness Day as a day highlighting good deeds throughout the community.


Why We Need A World Kindness Day


By being kind to each other, we can heal the nooks and crannies of gender, race, class, stereotypes, misogyny, etc.


According to research, kindness is also said to improve our mental and emotional health significantly.


There is a close connection between kindness and psychological and spiritual happiness and contentment. We can illustrate gratitude, compassion, empathy, and interconnectedness by showing kindness and interconnectedness.

In the end, being kind to others will encourage those on the receiving end to pay this kindness forward to others. Kindness can also positively impact building friendships and relationships and enhancing your awareness of the good fortune you have in your own life. Besides reducing stress, kindness can also strengthen our immune systems, help reduce negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression, and boost our overall well-being.


When we are kind to others, we feel happier and more satisfied with our lives, as it's infectious. 


World Kindness Day Activities


Kindness Day is an opportunity to be kind to others. You can celebrate by pledging to do one intentional act of kindness that day. There's no right or wrong way to do it. Your kindness will unite you with others committed to changing the world.


Spreading awareness and emphasizing World Kindness Day's importance is essential since it is less recognized and known than other prominent days. You can use hashtags such as #WorldKindnessDay, #SpreadLoveandKindness, #BeKind, #kindness, etc., to post on Twitter and Instagram.

Do Random Acts Of Kindness

It only takes a small gesture to make someone's day brighter. Random acts of kindness are performed by someone who wishes to help or positively influence someone else. This can be as simple as complimenting someone, letting someone cut in front of you in line, letting someone else get your parking spot, or even helping someone carry their bags.

Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is when someone does something for you; rather than paying back that person, you pass it on to someone else.

Paying it forward can be paying for someone’s coffee, paying for someone’s parking or bus fare, returning lost items, donating blood, spending time with the elderly, and many, many more.

When you pay it forward, you create a chain of generous actions that will only continue growing! 

Say “Please” And “Thank You.”

While it may not seem impactful, saying these pleasantries will make a lasting and positive impression! Showing respect for others and showing appreciation for their time and effort, manners and courtesy enable us to show our respect for them.

Saying “please and “thank you” also helps nurture trust and connections within your relationships!

Kickstart a Charitable Fundraiser

Raise money for an organization that is near and dear to your heart, or one that is dear to your community, through Kickstarter or other means! Also, it will get others involved so you can do more for the people around you.

Pick Up Litter And Trash

When we pick up litter or trash on the street, it removes items that can harm animals, such as birds, fish, and whales, as they may mistake it for food.

Plant A Tree

Getting out in nature and looking at trees reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves mood. Thus, planting one in your backyard or local community helps your environment as they filter water, cleans the air, slows down storm surges and flooding, provides shade, and cool the city.

Write a Review for a Local Business

In today's climate, smaller and local businesses have a more challenging time competing as corporations and chains grow; however, writing a review can bolster the business's credibility and help it become more visible and trustworthy.

Help Out An Animal Shelter, Homeless or Women’s Shelter, or Nursing Home

Helping or volunteering at animal shelters, homeless shelters, women's shelters, or nursing homes is a great way to help your community. As a volunteer, you can help animals in need, those looking for support, and those who need shelter, and provide services to the elderly.


Be Kind To Yourself

At the end of the day, it is just as important to practice some self-gratitude as it is to spread it to others. Remember to take some time out of your day to reflect, meditate, or practice mindfulness to really treat your mind and body with the kindness they deserve.

How To Spread Kindness In Style

EcoBlvd believes in the power of kindness, and we want you to carry it around with you or wear it like a badge of pride right on your phone, as many of our colorful, playful phone cases let you show kindness to others.

Check out these positively awesome designs that will make you smile and send a positive message!

All Smiles

This multi-colored smiley face design will set your mood for the day and surround your phone with happiness.

Good Vibes Only
Bye-bye to negative energy and hello to a mantra of good vibes only, as this design protects your phone and those around you from anything negative.

Kindness Is Magic
Add this design to your phone and watch as the mystical lightning bolts dance across your screen, sending uplifting thoughts to your loved ones wherever they are.


Love Is Love

By empowering yourself, the colorful hearts on the Love Is Love design on your phone will motivate you to spread love and equality.


Save The Planet
Your phone can send a powerful message and spread environmental awareness as the Save The Planet design highlights your case's eco-friendly design and your commitment to sustainable living.


Love Your Mother
Whether for Mother Earth, Mother Nature, or Mother Gaia, or just to express your love and appreciation for your mother, this design will help you do just that.


Since we all interpret things differently, the Perspective design gives you a new mantra: "Change your perspective," just as the 'smiley' face can change moods depending on how you look at it from certain angles.



A little kindness is what the world needs now.

Kindness knows no bounds, as it is contagious. A feeling of gratitude arises when you observe someone else performing a random act of kindness. You want to do something kind for someone else. It is a quality you can teach. Every day you have the opportunity to influence many people.


So, enjoy this World Kindness Day by spreading positivity in your community and social circles, whether doing good deeds or with an EcoBlvd phone case!

November 11, 2022