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Case: Sequoia

Experience a blast from the past with the Sequoia solid iPhone 13 Pro case - with a 90s-themed phone case design that offers both style and protection. The 90's Kids design features bold, wavy, and squiggly lines and circles in five vibrant colors: Midnight Black, Cascade Blue, Foliage Green, Illuminating Yellow, and Wildflower Pink. Our eco-friendly phone cases are made from 100% compostable and plastic-free InnoMaize™, a proprietary corn and plant-based material, making them as sustainable as they are stylish. The Sequoia solid iPhone 13 Pro case offers military-grade protection against drops, scratches, and falls while maintaining a slim and sleek design inspired by the majestic trees it's named after. A raised camera ring and bezel protect your device against frontal impacts and prevent damage to your camera lens and screen. Additionally, the ridged edges and easy access to ports and buttons give you a comfortable grip without adding any bulk to your phone. Show your support for our forests while making a statement with this 90s-themed phone case that offers maximum protection and a playful retro look. As members of 1% For The Planet, for every purchase of a Sequoia case, a donation is made to plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation.

All EcoBlvd phone cases can be sent back for recycling and composting through our Roundabout Recycling Program!



100% Compostable
100% Plant-Based Materials 
Crafted From InnoMaize™
BPA-Free / Non-Toxic
Sustainably Sourced
Printed On-Demand
6FT Drop Protection
Raised Bezel Edges & Camera Ring
Non-Slip Grip
Easy Access: Buttons & Ports
Ultra-Slim, Lightweight & Minimal Design
Quick Installation & Removal
Wireless Charging Compatible
90-Day Warranty
Supports the National Forest Foundation

NOTE: Sequoia Cases are not MagSafe compatible.

A Complete Fall-Proof Plan

Each detail of the Sequoia has been designed for maximum protection, and superior impact resistance. The Sequoia case offers 6FT of drop protection.

Details You Can Feel

Raised edges around the charging port, speakers, volume, and power buttons. The smooth and flexible design ensures an ergonomic hold that's completely comfortable in hand, with embossed leaves detailed on the sides that provide a sturdy non-slip grip.

Charge Wirelessly

Keeping your style in check even when you need to charge. All of our Sequoia Collection cases are Qi-compatible so that you can charge your phone wirelessly. Note: Sequoia cases are not MagSafe compatible.

From The Earth, For The Earth

Our Sequoia collection cases are constructed with InnoMaize™️, a compostable bioplastic derived from cornstarch, sugar, and plant-based materials. We design our cases to be compostable but they will only break down when exposed to high humidity, such as in a composter or in soil, so you can rest assured that despite everyday wear and tear, your phone will remain safe.

Bring Life To Your Phone & Our Forests

For every purchase of a Sequoia case, a donation is made to plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation, whose mission is to plant 50 million trees to combat climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.