Draped in Autumn, Decked for Holidays - New Sustainable, Seasonal Styles

Leaves, Lights, and Eco-Friendly Delights: The Autumn & Holiday Collections

As the leaves begin to change and the holiday spirit fills the air, we're thrilled to introduce not one but two incredible collections that embody the essence of the season - our Autumn Collection and our Holiday Collection.

Delve into the rich, earthy tones and cozy comfort of the Autumn Collection, and then get ready to embrace the merriment of the Holiday Collection. With unique designs that pay homage to nature's beauty and the joy of the holidays, these phone cases are the perfect way to style your device for the season. Join us on this journey as we celebrate nature's artistry and the spirit of festivity through our exclusive collections.


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The Autumn Collection - Vibrant Transformations

Autumn, a season of transition and transformation, graces us with its warm and earthy presence. It's a time when nature showcases its artistic prowess, painting the world in hues of amber, crimson, and gold. As the leaves flutter to the ground, the air becomes crisper, and the cozy aroma of bonfires and warm spices fills our senses, it's clear that fall has arrived.


In the spirit of this magnificent season, our Autumn Collection is a celebration of all things autumn. It's a tribute to the symphony of colors that nature orchestrates as it prepares for the colder months. From the fiery reds to the subtle earthy browns, every shade in this season's palette tells a unique story. The designs in this collection are an ode to this natural artwork that surrounds us.


Each design within the Autumn Collection takes inspiration from the elements and colors of this beautiful season. They encapsulate the very essence of autumn, echoing the whisper of the wind through the trees, the gentle rustle of fallen leaves underfoot, and the warmth of a well-loved cable-knit sweater.

Cozy Comfort - Plaid, Cable Knit & Checkered Eco-Friendly Phone Case Designs


Cozy Comfort:

These designs evoke the warm embrace of a crackling fire and the inviting textures of familiar patterns. From the inviting charm of Cable Knit to the classic allure of Harvest Plaid, this grouping is all about warmth and comfort.

Discover the warmth and comfort of Cozy Comfort designs. Shop now and bring the cozy vibes of autumn to your device.

 Fall Colors - Eco-Friendly Phone Case Designs With Fall Colors

Fall Colors:

A tribute to the spectrum of shades that nature showcases during this season. From warm earthy tones to spicy hues, these designs reflect the intricate beauty of fallen leaves, the dazzling display of light during a mountain sunrise, and the transformative magic of the season.

Experience the rich palette of Fall Colors. Get inspired by the shades of autumn and find your perfect phone case today

 Wilderness Wonders - Eco-Friendly Phone Case Designs With Wildlife & Florals

Wilderness Wonders:

A celebration of the wonders of the wild that come alive during autumn. From the playful presence of woodland critters to the adventure of foraging for mushrooms, these cases capture the essence of the outdoors, intricate florals, and the natural beauty of the fall.

Explore the wonders of the wild with Wilderness Wonders. Explore the outdoors through our unique designs. Your adventure begins here

The Holiday Collection - Spreading Joy To The World

As the holiday season approaches, our Holiday Collection brings a touch of magic to your phone, ensuring it's not just a device but a part of the festive experience. Each design embodies the joy, charm, and exuberance of the holidays, helping you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in style.


The Holiday Collection is all about capturing the essence of the season – the feeling of joy, the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, and the delightful traditions that make the holidays so special. With designs inspired by the delicate beauty of snowflakes and the joyful spirit of candy canes, these phone cases are here to spread the cheer.


The holiday season is a time for traditions, a time when we gather with family and friends to create lasting memories. It's a time for gift-giving, festive decorations, and the sweet taste of holiday treats. Our phone cases are designed to reflect these beloved traditions. Whether you're a fan of classic holiday plaid, the whimsical charm of ornaments, or the cozy feeling of being under the mistletoe, we've got a case for you.

Festive Traditons - Eco-Friendly Phone Cases With Holiday Designs

Festive Traditions:


At the heart of the holiday season lie the traditions we hold dear. These cases capture the sight of beautifully wrapped presents, as well as the dazzling beauty of snowflakes. They become an integral part of your cherished holiday traditions.

Capture the essence of holiday traditions with Festive Traditions designs. Make these cases a part of your cherished moments.

Warm Moments - Eco-Friendly Phone Case Designs Of Holiday Knits

Warm Moments:

The holidays are all about creating cherished memories with your loved ones. These designs evoke the feeling of a snowy evening spent by the fireplace and the pure joy of festive gatherings. Your phone becomes a cherished part of those heartwarming moments.

Capture the essence of holiday traditions with Festive Traditions designs. Make these cases a part of your cherished moments.

Glowing Celebrations - Eco-Friendly Phone Case Designs of Christmas Lights & Giftwrap

Glowing Celebrations:


Lights play a pivotal role in the holiday season, and our designs in this category shine just as brightly. These designs capture the enchanting glow of holiday lights and the delight of indulging in festive treats.

Illuminate your device with the enchanting Glowing Celebrations designs. Discover the magic of holiday lights and festive treats with these cases.

Celebrate the Seasons with EcoBlvd

As the season of transformation and festivity unfolds, EcoBlvd invites you to celebrate the beauty and spirit of this magical time. Our Autumn Collection captures the warm, earthy hues of fall and the comfort of cozy sweaters, while our Holiday Collection spreads joy and traditions, reflecting the enchantment of the season. Whether you're a fan of autumn's rich palette of colors or the holiday season's festive cheer, both collections offer a sustainable way to celebrate and style your device. Make a statement that's not only about personal style but also about a conscious choice for our environment. Explore our exclusive collections and join us in celebrating the season with EcoBlvd.


It's time to transform your device into a canvas of seasonal flair, eco-conscious design, and timeless tradition. Celebrate the season, and let your style speak volumes about your love for the natural world. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make this season truly special. Check out both collections and experience the essence of autumn and the joy of the holidays with EcoBlvd.


November 17, 2023