The Greenest Route

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Offsetting is not a substitute for reducing our carbon footprint; it is merely a last resort to compensate for emissions we cannot avoid. A carbon offset must result in a reduction of CO2 emissions that would not have occurred otherwise.

To help curb unwanted carbon emissions, we offer:

With one click, you can reduce your carbon footprint from online purchases with EcoCart. A portion of your purchase will be donated to one of their many environmental projects to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase. By providing clean drinking water to drought-stricken communities, funding wind farms, and cleaning up the oceans, EcoCart has offset 25,870,932 pounds of carbon and saved 848,214 trees.

Shop app users can select ShopPay at checkout, which can be used quickly and securely, storing their shipping preferences and information for convenience. Using Shop, you can even see your individual carbon offsets and eco-footprint directly in the app. To date, Shop's projects have protected more than 11 million trees in the Peruvian rainforest to offset more than 10,000 tons of carbon emissions!

Express Shipping Costs the Planet

At EcoBlvd, we are deeply aware of the environmental footprint left by shipping processes, even for the most eco-friendly, ethical, low-impact, or zero-waste products. The convenience of express shipping, though appealing, necessitates more frequent dispatch of partially filled vehicles, leading to increased fuel consumption and heightened carbon emissions.

Advocating for a Slow & Steady Delivery Approach

The shipping industry is on track to account for a significant portion of global carbon emissions by 2050. With trucks and airplanes contributing substantial CO2 per ton-mile, it's clear that the method of shipping has a considerable environmental impact. Ground shipping, by contrast, offers a more eco-friendly alternative with its more efficient routing and reduced emissions, demonstrating that a slower delivery method can indeed make a difference by potentially reducing carbon emissions by up to 60%.

Sustainable Shipping Practices at EcoBlvd

EcoBlvd's approach to shipping is designed from the ground up to minimize environmental impact while ensuring our products reach you in a timely manner:

For Orders $29.99 or Under:

-USPS Shipping: $5, offering an efficient and environmentally responsible choice.

-FedEx Express Shipping: $10, for those occasions when you need your items more quickly but still wish to minimize environmental impact.

For Orders $30 or More:

-USPS Shipping: Provided for free, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability without imposing additional costs.

-FedEx Express Shipping: Available for $7.99, blending speed with our ongoing commitment to the environment.

We encourage our community to take advantage of these shipping options, not just for the environmental benefits but as part of a collective effort towards a more sustainable future. While expedited shipping remains an option, we advocate for considering the most eco-friendly choice available at checkout.

From Our Plant To Your Mailbox

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our product range. From the moment an order leaves our facility, it embodies our commitment to the environment:

Sustainable Logistics: Our logistics operations are powered by green energy, emphasizing the most fuel-efficient delivery routes.

Roundabout Recycling Program: We further our dedication to sustainability through initiatives like our recycling program, ensuring our environmental footprint is as light as possible.

Processing Times:

Non-customized orders are processed within 2 business days.

Customized orders require 3 to 5 business days for processing.

Joining Hands for a Sustainable Future

Choosing EcoBlvd is more than just a purchase; it's a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We invite you to join us in this journey, making conscious choices that contribute positively to our planet.