Roundabout Recycling

We Revolve Around Mother Earth

Sustainability involves recognizing that our environment is limited. It's time to step up, take action and do our part. By protecting the environment, preserving ecosystems, and conserving natural resources, we all can help save the planet.

Growing Our Circle

EcoBlvd strives for a circular economy where all products can be repurposed or reused rather than discarded.

We include a free pre-paid shipping label with every purchase to take responsibility for the crisis. Even if it's not our product, we make it easy to return your old chargers, phone cases, or cables so they can be properly recycled or composted into even better products.

Together, we will prevent millions of pounds of valuable and renewable resources from decomposing in landfills, and that's just the beginning!

Revolutionizing Waste

Reduce the 495 million pounds of plastic used each year for phone cases by recycling your old plastic ones and using EcoBlvd cases!

4 Steps To A Full Revolution

1️⃣ Gather your old phone cases, chargers or cables and place them into the original shipping package from EcoBlvd.

2️⃣ Attach the prepaid shipping label, covering any previous shipping label, properly seal it and send it off!
3️⃣ Once we receive your items, we will issue a 25% discount for a future purchase.

4️⃣ We will divert and properly recycle any plastic materials and electronics, so they continue on their path to renewal.

What Items are Accepted for the Roundabout Recycling Program?


If it protects an electronic device, such as a phone, tablet, AirPods, etc, we will accept the case. It doesn't matter who makes it, we will take care of recycling it!


If it powers an electronic device, we will accept it! From wall, car and travel adapters to cables - send it our way so we can properly dispose of it!

Want to compost your EcoBlvd case at home?

Let’s Keep Plastic In The Rear View

Of the 8.3 billion tons of plastic produced annually, 6.3 billion tons end up as waste.

As a single piece of plastic can take up to 500 years to degrade, and only 9% of all plastic is recycled, we face a real problem with time. Even worse, when plastic breaks down, it forms smaller pieces known as microplastics that end up in our water, air, and food.

Recent studies have found microplastics in human blood and lungs, giving us yet another reason to be concerned about plastic.

As it stands, we are running out of time before our planet's climate reaches a tipping point.

It’s time to reduce, reuse, and, more importantly, RENEW! 

Our Electronics Are Stalling Progress

Only 17.4 percent of electronic waste is properly recycled worldwide.

In 2021, 63.3 million tons of electronic waste was discarded, weighing more than the Great Wall of China.

Electronics are often discarded with internal components that can release acids, toxins, and other elements into the atmosphere.

Let's make sure our old tech is on a continuous pathway to innovation.

It’s time to give our old tech a new destination, on the #Root2Renew! 

Give A New Route To Electronic Waste

By eliminating the blockages our outdated technology provides, we can further improve advancements in technology.

EcoBlvd repurposes old technology with the help of HomeBoy Industries to create new opportunities, not just for our planet, but for everyone! A certified B Corporation and a Responsible Recycling certified company, HomeBoy Industries provides jobs and training to individuals suffering from barriers to employment.

Together, we will prevent millions of pounds of electronic waste from jamming up our planet! 

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