Making the Case
Against Waste

Biodegradable vs Compostable Phone Cases: What’s the Difference?

Biodegradable Phone Cases:

Microbes and microorganisms break them down. Many consider their materials to be sustainable, but they often leave toxic residues in their wake since they do not have a specific breakdown timeline.

Plastic phone cases are biodegradable 👎

Compostable Phone Cases:

Break down into CO2, water, and biomass, such as cellulose, when exposed to high temperatures and humidity, usually within a 6-month timeline. During composting, all materials disintegrate, becoming indistinguishable, and leaving no toxic residue.

EcoBlvd phone cases are all 100% Compostable! 👍

From Our Phones To The Landfill: The Plastic Pipeline

More than a billion plastic phone cases are sold worldwide each year. Despite being made of biodegradable materials, most phone cases will sit in landfills for hundreds, even up to 500 years before it degrades. Plastic phone cases can also end up in natural environments like rivers, oceans, and forests, which contribute to the destruction of ecosystems.

Plastic Phone Cases Aren't A Style... But A Problem

Our phones have become an extension of ourself, with cases offering an opportunity to accessorize or make a fashion statement. Nearly 80% of all people use a case on their phones and will purchase more than 1 throughout the device's lifespan. More and more people upgrade or change their phone every two years or sooner, which means new cases are purchased, making the old ones irrelevant and ultimately wasted.

The Majority Of Plastic Phone Cases Cannot Be Recycled

Nearly 1.3 billion plastic phone cases are discarded every year, resulting in more than 40,000 tons of waste.

However, the equipment in most municipal waste disposal and recycling centers is unable to process plastic phone cases.

A plastic case must be made without any additional materials to be repurposed. Unfortunately, most phone cases are made by blending several types of materials with plastic. These include leather, metal, silicone, fleece, and vegan or synthetic leather cases.

EcoBlvd Cases Shake Up Plastic Pollution

At EcoBlvd, we are working to combat plastic pollution by offering an alternative that combines style and sustainability. Let's protect the things that connect us, like our phones and the planet.