We're building a community at the intersection of style and sustainability

The production of everyday essentials has become more convenient and advanced. Yet there is a lack of concern for the planet and the resources that go into their production. The cost of convenience leaves our planet to pay the price, whether through harmful carbon emissions, overflowing landfills, or contaminating our oceans.

Our passion at EcoBlvd is to promote sustainability by providing fashionable accessories that educate, inspire, and help people across the globe maintain a cleaner, greener world.

Since our products are made from renewable and reusable resources, we minimize the impact on the environment and produce goods of the highest possible quality while educating about the positive effects of switching to sustainable products on the environment.

Our Values - The 5 C's


To eliminate waste, we must work together. Our planet is experiencing a crisis. Plastic waste accounts for more than 300 million tons per year and is more than the combined weight of the entire human population. 80% of the waste is made up of single-use items, and only 9% is recycled. It is through collective collaboration that we can reduce waste and restore the environment.


EcoBlvd is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by designing environmentally friendly products and packaging. We use new, innovative plant-based plastics and recycled materials to craft our products, which are both biodegradable and compostable. We want to build a sustainable community with you as we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and conserve fossil fuels.


We believe in rooting to grow. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of innovation by encouraging creativity. Creativity is the birthplace of excellence and the catalyst for change. By leveraging creativity to influence the future, we can bring attention to harmful practices and push for a more sustainable future!


We believe our message and work is urgent and must be pursued with a bold stance if we want to make waves. As part of our commitment to protecting the Earth, we believe that we must do all we can to stand out so we can continue to educate, inspire, and inform the public about our planet’s current state. We celebrate and encourage diversity, for it is through instersectional work that progress can truly be made for everyone on Earth.


All forms of life deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and empathy. It is though simple acts of compassion that we can begin to live in harmony with nature and restore the balance.

Why We’re on the #Root2Renew

Observing the damage occurring to the planet from our everyday waste led us to decide that enough was enough. Globally, billions of pounds of single-use plastic, food scraps, and even electronic waste are dumped in overflowing landfills, where they rot and release greenhouse gases. It was clear that we had to take action.

Our initiative and call to action, #Root2Renew, works to help renew our relationship with Earth by protecting the environment, eco-systems, and natural resources, as we only have one home.

Our Path To Preserving The Planet

We aim to offer more than just stylish and sustainable products. We hope to be your new destination and avenue for eco-education, tips, discussions, and, most importantly, fun. To preserve our planet, we must foster creativity and communication.

Sustainability is a Journey, Not a Destination

Sustainable lifestyles may feel overwhelming because there's so much to learn and change. But by making the switch to an eco-friendly, compostable phone case and recycled charger or cable, you are already on the #Root2Renew.

We thank you for your support.