From the Earth,
For the Earth

The True Weight Of Our Reliance On Plastic

Globally, plastic waste exceeds 300 million tons each year, weighing more than the entire population. The majority of waste generated consists of single-use items, and only 9% of all plastic is recycled; the rest ends up in landfills, dumps, and natural environments. By making plastics and other single-use materials from natural oil, carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gasses are also released into the atmosphere.

International Union for Conservation of Nature 2021. Statistics: “Marine Plastic Pollution ICUN 2021

Making The Best Case For Your Phone & The Planet

It was essential that we design a material that would endure the most rigorous wear and tear while also composting at the end of its lifespan. The result is something that we feel is truly next-level in sustainable protection. 

InnoMaize™ - It May Be Corny, But It’s Not Plastic!

We strive to make the future of plastic plant-based. Our Laguna and Sequoia collection cases are constructed with InnoMaize™, an a-maize-ing compostable alternative to conventional plastic derived from cornstarch, sugar, and plant-based materials. 

CornBo™ - Give Plastic The Boot with Bamboo

We knew we had to get tough if we wanted to eliminate plastic! Our Mojave collection cases are reinforced with CornBo™, a composite of corn scratch, corn sugar, bamboo bark, and bamboo fiber that's not only compostable but also tough as stone! Although bamboo is a natural resource, its ability to grow fast helps prevent deforestation and reduce carbon emissions. 

Designed to Phase Out Waste

We make our materials through fermentation by extracting starch from bamboo, corn, sugar cane, and cassava, and mixing it with acidic or bacterial enzymes.

This process converts starch into glucose, or sugar, and produces lactic acid, the basic components of InnoMaize™ and CornBo™.

Fiber is made by spinning the material and mixing it with activated carbon and dehydrating it in a vacuum oven.

These fibers add to the strength of InnoMaize™ and CornBo™, offering a better strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and reusability compared to plastics and other natural materials.