Deck the Halls with Trendy Holiday Gifts From 2023's Top Sustainable Brands

2023's Best Sustainable & Trendy Gifts

When it's time for giving, what could be more generous than giving a good present for your loved ones and the planet, especially as the National Retail Federation anticipates consumers will spend approximately $679 billion to $683 billion on gifts alone this year.

Here at EcoBlvd, we've made it easier than ever to find some of the most fashionable and wishlist-topping eco-friendly and sustainable products from some of our favorite sustainable brands that cover everyone's interests, so you don't have to worry about getting a gift at the last minute or upping your carbon footprint.

In a year where brands are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability and crafting beautiful, on-trend options in the fashion, jewelry, skincare, and accessories sectors, our 2023 holiday gift list takes cues from these exciting trends. It's about giving gifts that delight your loved ones while celebrating the creative spirit of brands that are making a positive impact on our world.

Our 2023 holiday gift list serves as your gateway to discovering gifts that are not only fashion-forward but also sustainable. This year, we've thoughtfully curated a collection that speaks to the desires of those who seek presents that are not just trendy but also beautifully crafted with the planet in mind.

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Why Sustainable Gifts Matter: A Reflection of Shifting Mindsets

In a world where the holiday rush often leads us to quick-fix gift purchases from major retailers, we're all too familiar with the expedited shipping and excessive packaging that can inflate the carbon footprints of our gifts. When that parcel finally arrives, wrapped in an excessive amount of bubble wrap that's undeniably satisfying to pop, we're left with the daunting task of gift wrapping. The gifting industry traditionally champions paper gift wrap with flashy prints and sparkly cellophane, but this conventional approach may carry hidden environmental costs.

Did you know that at least 4% of all gifts, along with virtually all wrappings and bags, end up in the trash unused?

The holiday season often reinforces the deep-seated cultural associations between material possessions and status. However, this very paradigm is ripe for reexamination during this season of giving.

Historically, our culture has strong associations between things and status. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity to reconsider this paradigm and explore more sustainable options.

Gift-giving is highly inefficient. We often give gifts people don't want. Economists have gone as far as to say give them cash instead.

The Power of Sustainable Gifting Trends

Sustainable gift-giving is a growing trend, and it finds its greatest resonance among Millennials and Generation Z. An astounding 77% of individuals aged 18-34 actively seek out sustainable products and gifts, reflecting a desire to align their choices with their values.

The younger generations understand the importance of sustainable choices, and they are actively driving this shift in consumer behavior.

Sustainable gift-giving practices are prevalent in the United Kingdom, which sees a preference for ethical or sustainable brands (25%) and a significant interest in buying from second-hand or vintage shops (18%).

Sustainable gifting isn't just a trend; it's a movement led by a new generation that values ethical and environmentally friendly choices. During the holiday season, sustainability is gaining traction among young consumers, signaling a transformative shift in gift-giving.

The 10 Best Sustainable Holiday Gifts for 2023

Now that we've explored why sustainable gifting matters and the rising trends in eco-conscious present choices, it's time to unveil the star-studded lineup of gifts that epitomize both style and sustainability. In this exclusive 2023 holiday gift guide, we're showcasing handpicked items that are not only on-trend but also gentle on the planet. These thoughtful selections span fashion, jewelry, skincare, accessories, and more, promising a holiday season filled with fashion-forward and eco-friendly presents. So, let's dive right in and explore the stylish, ethical, and wishlist-topping offerings for the year ahead.

7 Days Active - Organic Fitted Crewneck In Comfrey

  1. 7 Days Active - Organic Fitted Crewneck in Comfrey

Give the gift of timeless style with the Organic Fitted Crewneck in Comfrey ($135) from 7 Days Active. Crafted with utmost care and commitment to quality, this crewneck is more than just clothing; it's an embodiment of perfection. 7 Days Active, known for their dedication to the best materials, presents this piece in sumptuously soft cotton fleece. The rich, earthy green Comfrey color adds a touch of sophistication to her wardrobe. Whether she's unwinding at home or embracing the winter chill, this crewneck ensures she stays cozy and stylish. A gift that's both luxurious and sustainable!

7 Days Active, a sustainable fashion brand, is on a mission to revolutionize the way we view clothing. They've redefined fashion by intertwining it with an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. The heart of their sustainability journey lies in their choice of materials. From organic cotton to eco-friendly fabrics, every stitch and fiber is intentionally selected for its minimal environmental impact. But their dedication goes further – they proudly uphold ethical production practices, fostering a supply chain that ensures fair wages and working conditions. 7 Days Active doesn't just craft clothing; they shape the future of fashion.


Nisolo - Cleo Convertible Crossbody

  1. Nisolo - Cleo Convertible Crossbody

Elevate her style with the Cleo Convertible Crossbody from Nisolo, priced at $158 (
and enjoy an extra 30% off with code HEADSTART30, plus free shipping). Crafted with precision and purpose, this crossbody is a fusion of fashion and sustainability. It boasts a sleek design that complements her look, whether she's headed to a board meeting or a weekend brunch. What sets it apart is Nisolo's unwavering commitment to the environment and ethical production. The crossbody features premium leather, meticulously sourced and crafted to ensure longevity. With its eco-friendly practices and durable construction, it's a gift that combines the best of style and responsibility, reflecting her values in a truly elegant way.


Nisolo stands as a beacon of hope in the fashion industry, where fair trade and sustainability often seem like distant dreams. Their commitment to reshaping this narrative begins with their masterful craftsmanship. Each creation, like the Cleo Convertible Crossbody, is a testament to their dedication to quality and responsibility. Nisolo has revolutionized ethical leather production, ensuring that their practices are environmentally friendly, leaving behind a footprint that nature can smile upon. In a world where fast fashion prevails, Nisolo is a lighthouse guiding us towards sustainable style.


Mejuri - Pyra Chunky Ring
  1. Mejuri - Pyra Chunky Ring

The Pyra Chunky Ring from Mejuri, priced at $98, is a striking piece that demands attention. Its bold and chunky design makes a powerful statement, accentuating her unique style. When she wears this ring, points will be made, and her entire look will be emboldened. Handcrafted with precision in 18k gold vermeil, it combines strength with elegance. The robust design is not just an accessory; it's a fashion-forward emblem that signifies her confidence.

Mejuri is more than a jewelry brand; it's a guardian of ethical sourcing and sustainable design. Their jewelry is the epitome of quality, and it is a shining example of their dedication. They meticulously source materials that not only create stunning pieces but also embrace sustainability. As you trace the story of each ring, you find the mark of responsible craftsmanship, from inception to the final product. Mejuri is redefining elegance, ensuring that style doesn't come at the cost of the Earth.

Sundays - C.02 Candle in Green Fig and Ginger
  1. Sundays - C.02 Candle in Green Fig and Ginger

Indulge in moments of serenity with Sundays' C.02 - Green Fig and Ginger Candle ($52). Immerse yourself in the soothing essence of milky green figs, the warm embrace of smooth sandalwood, and the refreshing zest of fresh orange peel. This 100% natural and non-toxic candle, crafted from soy wax and a cotton wick, not only emits a calming and long-lasting fragrance but is also pregnancy-safe, ensuring a wholesome ambiance.

Sundays light up spaces with candles that go beyond aesthetics. Their C.02 - Green Fig and Ginger Candle is a testament to their dedication to clean and sustainable living. It's not just about fragrance; it's about purity. Hand-poured and composed of non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, every element of their candles is carefully selected. It's a brand that fills homes with light, both metaphorically and literally.

Activist Skincare - Refillable Trial & Travel Kit
  1. Activist Skincare - Refillable Trial & Travel Kit

This all-inclusive kit ($50)  offers a delightful opportunity to experience the entire range of Activist Skincare products. Inside, you'll discover 3 luxurious cleansers, 1 refreshing toning mist, 2 rejuvenating serums, and 1 nourishing face oil. With a helpful how-to card and all these essentials neatly packed in a travel bag, you're equipped with the perfect skincare arsenal for any journey.


Activist Skincare brings a revolution to skincare, binding it harmoniously with sustainability. Their Refillable Trial & Travel Kit is not just about beauty; it's about responsible beauty. With a relentless commitment to the environment, they've reimagined packaging, reducing waste and promoting reusable containers. It's a dedication that transforms skincare into a daily ritual of consciousness.

Uncommon Goods - Living Composter
  1. Uncommon Goods - Living Composter


The Living Composter ($199) isn't your ordinary compost container; it's a sculptural masterpiece that combines aesthetics and functionality. While most worm farms and compost containers are, let's say, less than visually appealing and may not exactly smell like roses, this living composter redefines expectations on both fronts.

Uncommon Goods is a realm of artisans and ethical products, connecting individuals to a world of innovation. The Living Composter, one of their ingenious offerings, redefines sustainability. It's not just about recycling kitchen scraps; it's about reimagining how we reduce waste and nourish the earth. Uncommon Goods is where the extraordinary meets responsibility.

Circular&Co. - 16oz Reusable Travel Mug
  1. Circular&Co. - 16oz Reusable Travel Mug


The 16oz Reusable Travel Mug is the world's first travel mug made from recycled single-use coffee cups. The lid boasts 100% leak-proof technology, allowing you to sip your drink or pour from any angle without worrying about spills. It's a game-changer for anyone who's ever experienced the frustration of a leaky travel mug. Its lid boasts 100% leak-proof technology, allowing you to sip your drink or pour from any angle without worrying about spills. This is a game-changer for anyone who's ever experienced the frustration of a leaky travel mug and a groundbreaking gift for the eco-conscious woman who's always on the move.


Circular&Co. is dedicated to the transformation of daily life, making it more eco-friendly. Their 16oz Reusable Travel Mug is not just a container; it's a solution. In a world drowning in single-use plastic waste, this brand introduces a durable and stylish alternative. It's a brand that allows you to sip on your daily routines while sipping on a better future.


Complete Unity Yoga - Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Travel Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ - 2mm
  1. Complete Unity Yoga - Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Travel Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ - 2mm

Complete Unity Yoga doesn't just make yoga accessories; they craft sustainability. The Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Travel Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ - 2mm (&86) is a masterpiece of environmental responsibility. It's woven from natural materials, designed for yogis who care about health and sustainability. The brand's commitment to yoga extends beyond the mat; it extends to a healthier planet.

Complete Unity Yoga is a brand that embodies the principles of sustainability and wellness in every product. They specialize in crafting eco-friendly yoga accessories that resonate with individuals seeking a harmonious connection with the environment. Complete Unity Yoga is committed to using natural materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, ensuring their products reflect a deep-seated dedication to both yoga practice and ecological integrity.

Bee’s Wraps - Plastic-Free Food Wraps
  1. Bee’s Wraps - Plastic-Free Food Wraps

Spread holiday cheer, not plastic waste, with Bee's Wrap's special Christmas edition - Holiday Buzz ($15.99 at the time of writing)! It's the perfect gift for Secret Santa exchanges, stocking stuffers, thoughtful teacher presents, or gracious hostess gifts. This 3-pack has you covered for every holiday kitchen task. Need to save that half lemon? The small wrap is just what you need. The medium-sized wrap is the workhorse of the set, ideal for wrapping up cheese, freshly baked Christmas cookies, or even a sandwich filled with delicious leftover holiday turkey. And you'll find the large wrap indispensable for serving snacks to Santa and securely covering your precious holiday leftovers.

Bee’s Wraps stands as a bulwark against plastic waste in the kitchen. Their Plastic-Free Food Wraps are more than just wraps; they are a lifestyle choice. Crafted from organic cotton infused with beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil, they promote a greener and healthier kitchen

EcoBlvd  - Custom or Designed Compostable Phone Cases

  1. EcoBlvd  - Custom or Designed Compostable Phone Cases


With over 200 designs to choose from, including holiday-themed and winter-season-inspired options, there's a perfect case for everyone on your gift list. We also now offer phone case customization, so you can design your own case by uploading your favorite images, using our extensive sticker library, and creating a phone case that's as unique as you or your giftee is!


But there's more. With every purchase you make, EcoBlvd contributes 2% to environmental causes, supporting organizations like the Ocean Conservancy and the Mojave Desert Land Trust. We're proud members of 1% for the Planet, doubling down on our mission to make the world a greener, cleaner place.

Give a gift that's not only stylish and functional but also helps protect the planet – choose EcoBlvd this holiday season.


Whether you're looking for an eco-friendly gift for yourself, or perhaps you're shopping for someone with the intention of getting them on a greener path - sustainable luxury is just a click away.

November 07, 2023