Decor, costumes, and even phone cases for a sustainable Halloween season!

Halloween isn't typically associated with sustainable or green practices since costumes, plastic candy wrappers, and mass-produced decorations require excessive resources only for single-time usage.

However, you shouldn’t let these facts scare you away from participating in the festivities. You can still reap the spooky season's benefits by making a few eco-friendly adjustments.

This Halloween, EcoBlvd releases our scariest sustainable phone cases yet. However, rather than causing a nightmare for the planet, they help combat some of the waste from our favorite night of ghouls, ghosts, and zombies, by being 100% compostable and plastic free.

As we welcome our parade of hauntingly awesome and sustainable phone cases, we have gathered some tips and tricks on how you can make your fright night greener rather than scarier for the planet.

Scary Good Looks For Your Phone & Our Planet -  The Halloween Collection

As we enter a time full of strange and wonderful decorations, costumes, treats, and magical experiences, EcoBlvd brings you a collection of wicked designs to protect your phone and our planet from the things that go bump in the night.

Our proprietary corn-based material, InnoMaize™, is used in the Halloween Collection Laguna and Sequoia cases, certified for drop testing up to 6 feet. The phone cases have a raised camera ring, a raised bezel edge, and ridged edges to allow easier access to all ports and buttons and more comfortable handling.

Every Laguna case purchased from the Halloween Collection contributes 2% of the sale proceeds to the Ocean Conservancy, which has cleaned up over 300 million pounds of trash since 1986. With every purchase of a Sequoia case from the Halloween Collection, a donation is made to the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree in a national park helping to combat climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.


So without further ado, take a look at our ghastly selection of designs and be ready to pick up some tips on how to make your Halloween more sustainable as you go along.


Stylish Sustainable Decorations

Don’t Be Toxic 

Despite its repeated warnings of “Do Not Enter,” it's almost impossible to resist the spread of coolness of the Don't Be Toxic design in Midnight Black on our clear Laguna or solid Sequoia cases.

Spooky Season

No matter what time of year, you can enjoy Halloween haunts and treats every day with our Spooky Season design in Midnight Black or Illuminating Yellow on a solid Sequoia case.


Trick R’ Treat Ya Self

Halloween spirit will engulf your phone with Trick R' Treat Ya Self's hauntingly cute ghosts, bats, spiders, and witch hats on a clear Laguna case in five magical colors: Midnight Black, Cascade Blue, Foliage Green, Illuminating Yellow, and Wildflower Pink.

Caught Red Handed

This Halloween, you won't want to be left without the chilling Caught Red Handed case design on your phone. Its menacing Midnight Black colorway on our clear Laguna or solid Sequoia cases will have everyone wanting their bloody hands all over it.


Cut It Out
Almost every Halloween, you'll have a choice of scary faces to choose from, with glowing Jack-O-Lantern faces on the Cut It Up design that light up on a solid Sequoia case in a bold Midnight Black color.

DIY Your Thrilling Decorations

Since decorations are made from non-compostable materials, most can't be recycled, and their plastic packaging only adds to their impact. 

Making your own decorations from materials you already have is an excellent idea for adding some spook around the house without waste. You can use cardboard to create tombstones or skeletons, pipe cleaners to make spiders, and old sheets or towels to make ghosts. Using red paint, you can even create bloody handprints on your windows.

Making Your Pumpkin Grin

The best way to make a Jack o' Lantern is to buy a pumpkin from a local grower or farmer's market, as that way, you’re supporting a smaller business and ensuring it’s grown ethically.

If you plan to light candles, use soy-based or beeswax candles instead of paraffin candles which are a byproduct of fossil fuels and release toxic fumes when burnt.

When you are finished with your pumpkins, you can roast or plant the seeds and use the flesh for cooking cookies, muffins, or even pie! It's also great for birds and wildlife if you fill your pumpkin with seeds. To make fresh and nutrient-rich soil, you can also compost pumpkin flesh in a compost bin or pile.


Crafty Costumes


You'll give lurking danger the creeps with this Ghosted design, which comes in a bold Midnight Black color on a solid Sequoia case.

Let’s Go Ghouls

Dress up your phone as a Halloween wonderland with ghosts, bats, and pumpkins with the Let's Go Ghouls design in Midnight Black on our clear Laguna or solid Sequoia cases or Wildflower Pink on our clear Laguna cases.


Mummy Mash

Make your phone a graveyard smash this Halloween with the Mummy Mash design in five captivating colors on our clear Laguna cases: Midnight Black, Cascade Blue, Foliage Green, Illuminating Yellow, and Wildflower Pink, or in Midnight Black on our solid Sequoia case.

You’re Freaking Meowt 

Stay calm, scaredy cat, and keep your phone safe from Halloween terrors with the "purr-fect" You're Freaking Meowt case design in bold Midnight Black on Laguna cases or Illuminating Yellow on Sequoia cases.


Create The Perfect Look From The Ground Up

Millions of poor-quality fast-fashion costumes contribute to Halloween's largest carbon footprint every year. Costumes also tend to fall apart before Halloween, which is unfortunate.

Fortunately, the most sustainable costumes are ones you or your friends already own.

Ask friends and family for costumes, or reuse your old costume every year as it is not only better for the environment but also less expensive. There is a good chance you'll find some great Halloween costume pieces in your local thrift stores or vintage stores that you can repurpose into a DIY costume.

A Few Good Treats

Sweet Tooth

Make your phone even more of a treat with the Sweet Tooth design, which comes in Midnight Black on clear Laguna and solid Sequoia cases and Illuminating Yellow on clear Laguna cases.


A Sweeter Kind Of Candy

Candy manufacturers contribute massively to deforestation and species extinction through their demand for sugar, palm oil, and cocoa beans. Additionally, candy--and the non-recyclable packaging it's wrapped in--takes a lot of energy and resources to produce!

It is a good idea to buy candy made from natural ingredients if you are giving it out or using it as a party favor as it uses fewer materials and has certifications such as Fairtrade, USDA Organic, and more. It’s also best to avoid individually wrapped candies or those that use plastic wrapping in general. Some brands to look for that offer eco-friendly options include Kinder Beuno Bars, Dove Chocolates, Nelly’s Organic Candy Bars, and Surf Sweets. Other candy options for a plastic-free Halloween include any that come in paper boxes such as Junior Mints, Milk Duds, Nerds and even M&Ms, and paper wrapped candies like toffee, Tootsie Rolls and many lollipops. 

It's also important to keep an eye out for trick-or-treaters with teal pumpkin carriers, as they serve as an alert for needing allergy-friendly treats, but luckily many candies with natural ingredients are allergen-free!

You can also give out alternatives to candy that won’t contribute to waste but still bring a smile to the trick-or-treaters and party guests. Friendship bracelets, temporary tattoos, Halloween themed erasers, and pencils are great options that won’t break the bank as well and should be easy to find! 


Party Til The Dead Of Night 


Creepin’ It Real
The Creepin' It Real design will chill you to the bone with its eye-catching skeleton giving the peace sign in five vibrant colors: Midnight Black, Cascade Blue, Foliage Green, Illuminating Yellow, and Wildflower Pink on our solid Sequoia case.

Careful, I Bite

We've got your inner vampire calling as the Careful, I Bite design reveals your fangs and represents your true nocturnal nature with its Midnight Black color on our clear Laguna case.

’Til Death
Neither true love nor our phones can be separated by death; at least, that's what we believe that our 'Til Death design symbolizes with its bold Midnight Black colorway on our solid Sequoia case.


The Perfect Party Setup Without The Mess


After getting your spooky decor, Jack O’ Lanterns carved, costumes picked, and candy ready, it's time to throw a waste-free Halloween party!

Instead of using disposable options at your party, use reusable cups, plates, and silverware. You should also set up a couple of recycling bins for any cans, bottles, or other waste you will generate during the party. Consider making your snacks as well, so no extra packaging or wrapping is required; you can even make edible silverware to be served as well! 


Make Your Ride To Parties & Treats Magical

Tonight We Fly

Take your phone from witchy-washy to magical this Halloween with the Tonight We Fly design case in a mystical Midnight Black and whimsical Wildflower Pink colorway.

Going Batty

This Halloween season, let black and orange bats fly all over the Let's Go Batty case, giving your phone a truly frightful look of protection from the afterlife in Midnight Black.


Lighter Transportation:


Take a greener approach to holiday travel this Halloween.


Reduce the number of people driving to your Halloween party by organizing carpools.

It can also be fun to hold a giveaway for a prize if someone brings proof of an environmentally-friendly means of transportation.


If possible, avoid driving altogether and take your children trick-or-treating or your keep party in local neighborhoods. Not only is it greener, but it's better for the communities as well.



Even though Halloween is a night for ghosts, goblins, and zombies, you can make it an environmentally-friendly celebration by planning ahead and being conscious of what you buy.

That’s why we ensure our sustainable Halloween Collection cases are designed and crafted with only natural materials to keep your phone and our planet from terrifying ends.


Let our Halloween Collection and tips help you make your day full of frights and scares memorable!

Click HERE to shop the complete Halloween Collection now! 

September 26, 2022