Decor, Costumes, and Even Phone Cases For A Sustainable Halloween 2023!

Halloween, a holiday beloved for its costumes, candy, and decorations, often leaves a sinister environmental impact. Single-use costumes, plastic candy wrappers, and disposable decorations create a frightening amount of waste.

But don't let that scare you away from the festivities. By making a few eco-friendly adjustments, you can enjoy the spooky season without harming the planet.

This Halloween, EcoBlvd releases our scariest sustainable phone cases yet. However, rather than causing a nightmare for the planet, they help combat some of the waste from our favorite night of ghouls, ghosts, and zombies, by being 100% compostable and plastic-free.

As we welcome our parade of hauntingly awesome and sustainable phone cases, we have gathered some tips and tricks on how you can make your fright night greener rather than scarier for the planet. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter or student newsletter for more tips, tricks, and spooktacular eco-friendly highlights.

Now, let's delve deeper into these spine-chilling statistics to better understand the environmental impact of Halloween

The Haunting Waste of Halloween


Halloween—the night when candy wrappers flutter like ghostly apparitions and disposable costumes lurk in the shadows. But behind the eerie façade lies an unsettling truth, as revealed by '10 Spooky Facts About Halloween Waste And 5 Ways To Reduce It' on Hummingbird International. Halloween generates a monstrous amount of waste, with millions of pounds of candy wrappers, costumes, and decorations ending up haunting landfills each year.


Did you know that 83% of Halloween costumes use non-recyclable plastic, equivalent to around 2000 tons of plastic waste? That's a shocking statistic, and it's just the beginning of the spine-chilling tale.


These costumes can take up to 20-200 years to decompose, adding to the unsettling narrative of waste. In the U.S. alone, a ghastly 35 million Halloween costumes are thrown away annually, contributing to the spine-tingling 5.4 kilograms of textile waste produced each year.


But the horrors don't end there. Pumpkin carving, a beloved Halloween tradition, takes a terrifying turn for the environment. About 1 billion pounds of pumpkins are sent to landfills each year, and shockingly, 40% of consumers buy pumpkins to carve for Halloween, only to throw them away afterward. This amounts to 18,000 tons of pumpkins ending up in landfills, approximately 360 million portions of pumpkin pie gone to waste. When these pumpkins decompose, they produce methane gas, a chilling gas that's 20 times more harmful to the Earth than CO2.


Even trick-or-treating, a hallmark of Halloween, has its dark side. Halloween candy contributes to plastic packaging waste, accounting for up to 30% of the problem. Americans spend around $2.36 billion on plastic decorations each year, and many of these decorations meet a ghastly fate in landfills.


With these spine-chilling statistics in mind, let's explore how we can transform Halloween into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly celebration.

Sustainable Halloween Tips & Tricks 


Now that we've confronted the spine-tingling facts, it's time to summon eco-friendly practices to vanquish the Halloween waste demons. We've brewed up a cauldron of sustainable tips and tricks to ensure your Halloween celebrations leave a positive, rather than a haunting, mark on the planet.


Eco-Friendly Costumes: Unleash your inner DIY wizard or witch and craft costumes from existing clothing items or host costume swaps to reduce textile waste. Consider costumes made from sustainable materials, or simply rent them for one fang-tastic night.


Thoughtful Decorations: Transform your home into a haunted haven with DIY decorations crafted from recycled materials or items from nature. Illuminate your eerie displays with energy-efficient LED lights, and don't forget to turn them off when the clock strikes midnight.


Candy Choices and Packaging: Choose candies with recyclable or compostable packaging to minimize single-use plastic waste. Consider giving out non-food items like stickers, small toys, or organic treats to reduce the environmental impact of candy wrappers.

Pumpkin Pleasures: When it comes to the grand tradition of carving pumpkins, don't let these gourd-geous creations go to waste. Roast the seeds for a delicious snack or use the flesh for delectable treats. Consider composting the remnants to nourish the earth and prevent the production of ghostly methane gas.


Waste Reduction Strategies: Implement a "leave no trace" policy for outdoor events, such as trick-or-treating, by ensuring all decorations are removed and litter is properly disposed of. Donate or repurpose costumes and decorations to prevent them from haunting landfills.

Having covered these eco-friendly tips and tricks to ensure your Halloween is both thrilling and sustainable, let's now explore the perfect accessory to complete your environmentally-conscious celebrations – our hauntingly couture Halloween phone case collection.

 EcoBlvd's Halloween Collection for 2023

EcoBlvd's Stellar Nightwing, Sinsiter Sight and Stay Spooky Design Phone Cases Among Halloween Decor


Step into EcoBlvd's Halloween Collection for 2023, where your phone transforms into a costume shop of its own, ready to capture the eerie charm of ghouls, ghosts, witches, and more. But this isn't just about dressing your phone; it's a commitment to protecting the planet from future horrors.


Ghouls and Ghosts: Our phone cases capture the ethereal beauty of moonlit nights and shadowy forests. They don't just protect; they embody the enchantment of Halloween.


Witches and Magic: With every case you choose, you cast a spell against waste and environmental harm. These designs remind us of the magic of sustainability.


Black Cats and Bats: Like the sleek grace of black cats and the mysterious flight of bats, our cases are sleek and powerful, designed for maximum protection.


Skulls and Skeletons: Beneath the surface, these cases have a sturdy core. They're a reminder that beneath the surface, we're building a sustainable future.


EcoBlvd's Halloween Collection is more than a costume for your phone; it's a pledge to protect our planet from the horrors of unchecked waste. Just as Halloween celebrates the eerie and the extraordinary, we celebrate the extraordinary potential for change when we make eco-conscious choices.


So, get into the spirit of Halloween with these hauntingly stylish cases. Your phone will become a part of a story that's about more than just looks; it's about making a difference.

Haunting Halloween Designs for Your Phone


Discover EcoBlvd's enchanting Halloween Collection for 2023, featuring 12 new spine-tingling designs that will leave you bewitched. These phone cases are like a costume shop for your device, allowing you to enjoy the eerie charm of ghouls, ghosts, witches, and more while safeguarding the planet from future horrors. And remember, this is just a glimpse of our extensive Halloween collection.


EcoBlvd's Spooked, Boo Thang, Mystic Brews, Spider Web, Catacomb and Bat Habits Phone Case Designs


Spooked: Transform your phone into a portal to the unknown with this haunting design. Ghostly companions genuinely spooked will have you pondering the mysteries they've encountered, creating a captivating and eerie aura for your phone this Halloween season.


Boo Thang: Count on our Boo Thang design to be your frightful companion when night falls and the spookiness begins. Its ghostly charm and playful appeal ensure your Halloween adventures are filled with chills and thrills.


Mystic Brews: Sip on the elixir of style with our 'Mystic Brews' design. It's a potion of intrigue and enchantment that adds a touch of mysticism to your daily routine, perfect for embracing the enchanting spirit of Halloween all year round.


Spider Web: Your phone becomes a haven for creatures of the night with the Spider Web design. Delicate silver threads intricately mimic the silk spun by nocturnal arachnids, beckoning you into their web of mystery.


Catacombs: Delve into the depths of the Catacombs design, where black cats and skulls offer an unexpected and delightful deviation from the typical eerie association, transforming catacombs into a realm of spirited enchantment.


Bat Habits: As twilight fades to darkness, the Bat Habits design comes alive, mirroring the bats as they take flight for their nocturnal rituals. Each crescent moon seems to whisper secrets to the celestial creatures.


EcoBlvd's Boogie Man, Pumpkin Patch, Sinsiter Sight, Skull & Crossbones, and Stay Spooky Phone Case Designs


Boogie Man: Get your groove on with the Boogie Man design, where the dance floor is electrified with Halloween spirit. The Boogie Man and his spirited skeletons are ready to shake things up with a bone-dropping dance extravaganza.


Pumpkin Patch: This design effortlessly conjures the illusion of a pumpkin patch, evoking the essence of plump, ripe pumpkins ready for harvest. Carry autumn's magic with you wherever you go.


Stellar Nightwing: With the Stellar Nightwing design, the crescent moon hangs low, bathing the scene in its silvery glow, casting an eerie radiance upon majestic bats with wings adorned by twinkling stars.


Sinister Sight: The ominous and mysterious eyes of the Sinister Sight design seem to watch your every move, their gaze unsettling and captivating, striking fear into all who dare to meet their unwavering stare.


Skull & Crossbones: Symbolizing danger and defiance, this design invites you to explore life's mysteries with a relentless sense of bravery.


Stay Spooky: Stay true to your spooky side with the 'Stay Spooky' design, the perfect accessory for those who want to keep the spooky vibes alive all year round.


Explore these wicked designs and make your phone part of the Halloween festivities. And remember, our full Halloween collection has even more spine-chilling options to choose from, so you can find the perfect costume for your phone while protecting the planet from future horrors.

Shop now and get into the spirit of Halloween!

A Bewitching Farewell

In this eerie exploration of the Halloween season, we've unveiled the chilling waste that often lurks behind the holiday's festivities and provided you with eco-conscious tips.

EcoBlvd's Halloween Collection goes beyond mere phone cases; it's a portal to a world where sustainability meets the supernatural.

Our 12 new haunting designs capture the essence of ghouls, ghosts, witches, and more, allowing your phone to don its own costume while safeguarding the planet.

But this isn't the end of our tale; our vast Halloween collection offers even more otherworldly options.

Join us in celebrating Halloween's spirit and sustainability. Shop all 12 new designs and our existing Halloween classics now, and let your phone become a part of the hauntingly stylish and eco-friendly narrative!


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September 26, 2022