Sustainability allows us to give thanks to and for the people and planet we love.


We live in a culture that reinforces the idea that anybody who can afford it, regardless of whether or not they need it, should have it.

As we sit down to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast with our loved ones, we are able to acknowledge the bounty of Mother Earth without feeling compelled to engage in consumerism or commercialism found in most other holidays.


Instead, it's the perfect time to reflect on all the things we have been able to accomplish this year and be grateful for all the things that have been given to us by the Earth.

 All the things we use, such as food, water, and the many luxuries we enjoy, are provided to us by the Earth, and often we do not reciprocate, treating resources as limitless.

Reflection can encourage us to practice gratitude for what we have and encourage more sustainable behaviors by curbing our collective tendency to consume too much.


It is crucial for us to not take anything from the earth except what we give it as part of Sacred Reciprocity, which originates from indigenous cultures all over the world.


Mother Earth, nature, and the natural world need our gratitude and Sacred Reciprocity as we continue to renew them. Join us this holiday season as we take the #Root2Renew and learn how gratitude can help you live a happier, healthier life by taking care of the environment while simultaneously taking care of yourself.

Why Give Thanks Or Gratitude?

Gratitude turns good intentions into action.

Gratitude may seem like a weak remedy when faced with such desperate challenges, but it is far more than a simple expression of appreciation. The act of giving thanks implies both recognition of the gift and recognition of the giver.

Being grateful and thankful is realizing that this isn't about making a one-time donation but rather about investing in and actively creating a world that respects diversity, equity, balance, and reciprocity for future generations.

Being grateful means being honest and sincere about what's really needed to create a meaningful impact supporting long-term sustainability, long-term resiliency, and building long-term relationships.

By incorporating gratitude into your daily routine, your well-being improves - your mental and physical health improves, enabling you to notice joy and happiness in everything you encounter.

What Is Sacred Reciprocity?

The Indigenous philosophy of Sacred Reciprocity asserts that we cannot take from nature more than we give, and that we must give equally as we receive. When we are greedy and take more than we give back, they believe we will suffer and possibly get sick. The disruption of this harmonious relationship with nature is believed to be the cause of disease.

Essentially, it's the principle of paying it forward, which states that if we are always loving, caring, and giving—to each other and nature—and if we are truly able to appreciate and accept what we have been given, it is only natural for us to all receive our needs met harmoniously and feel grateful and abundant as a result.

Why We Must Give Thanks To The Earth

When we destroy the Earth, we destroy ourselves.

As we treat the planet with unity, love, and gratitude, the Earth will return all that we have given it.

It is not enough for us just to be passive recipients of the earth's bounty, but also to participate actively in its well-being. It is an honor for us to receive this request. This shows us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

As a result of gratitude, we recognize the personhood of all beings, and the idea that humans are superior to other species, and more deserving of the riches and services of the Earth, is challenged.

It is only by honoring nature with respect, reverence, and wonder that we honor the earth.

Recycling is a way of honoring the earth.


By living minimally and reducing our footprint, we are honoring the earth and its natural systems.


Walking, biking, or taking public transportation have a minimal impact on the environment.

Honoring Mother Earth is ultimately about understanding and appreciating its importance in how we live.

How We Can Reciprocate Earth's Gifts

  1. Rather Than Taking From It, We Can Replenish It

Restoring the environment is an act of reciprocity and we must use our gifts to repair the damage we have caused. It's possible to heal the land with the Earth-shaping prowess we use to damage it. Rather than the land itself is broken, it is our relationship with it that is. As partners in the renewal of the Earth, we can provide care to the planet.

  1. We Can Invest In Green Initiatives And Business

 We make our paths on Earth based on what we love. We live in economies that seem more focused on profits than a good green world for everyone. It's up to us to decide how we want to invest our love. Our economies must align with ecological principles.

  1. Caring For All Life And Species

 A reciprocal relationship is based on the knowledge that we are not alone on this planet, that there are many nonhumans who are wise and inventive beings worthy of respect. As a society, we tolerate governments that grant legal personhood to corporations while denying it to voiceless plants and animals. We must be the voice of the Earth. Rivers and mountains are being granted legal personhood by indigenous movements around the world and we should spread it to our local and federal governments as well.

Give Back To Our Planet This Thanksgiving

At EcoBlvd, we believe that we cannot continue to take from the planet without giving back.

As proud members of 1% for the Planet, we are doubling down and committing to donate at least 2% of all revenue to environmental non-profit organizations that each of our products is tied to.

The Ocean Conservancy, which has worked to clean up more than 300 million pounds of ocean trash since 1986, receives 2% of the proceeds from the sale of a Laguna phone case.

The National Forest Foundation plants trees in national parks when you purchase one of our Sequoia phone cases. By planting trees, we can combat climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.

To ensure that our planet and your devices remain green, we donate 2% of every PowerPlant charger purchase to support renewable energy expansion.

A portion of the proceeds from our LifeVine charging cables is donated to nonprofit organizations that provide sustainable education resources.

It is our mission to ensure that plant-based materials will become the building blocks of tomorrow. To make our proprietary InnoMaize™, we use corn starch and corn sugar, which provides you and the planet with the most effective protection for both your phone and the environment.

Packaging is limited to what is necessary and waste is minimized.


We create packaging that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and plastic-free by using certified recycled paper from ethical suppliers. Our packaging uses 80 percent recycled paper, while all virgin materials are renewable, in accordance with our FSC certification.

Over 3,000 tons of plastic will be saved each year, which is equivalent to stacking 100,00 plastic bottles over 4,000 miles!


 Our smaller packaging reduces CO2 emissions from transportation and materials by 5,000 tons each year, which is equivalent to planting 275,000 trees.


 *According to internal research and analysis via EPA and Statista.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are offering a carbon-neutral checkout option along with free shipping on all orders to offset the impact of carbon emissions.



We are able to be grateful for the things we have because of the earth.

At the end of the day, your only lasting memories will be the relationships you've nurtured, the experiences you've had exploring the globe, and the bridging differences between people.

While some distant galaxies might have a planet similar to ours, there probably isn't one exactly like ours.

It deserves our celebration, our gratitude, and our thanks, and we should protect its purity and beauty.

Make a greener choice at EcoBlvd and thank the earth for its support.

November 18, 2022