How EcoBlvd's Contemporary Collection Bridges Art and Activism


Art and activism are two things that have been closely intertwined for decades. Through art, we can express ourselves and bring attention to important issues; through activism, we can create change.

Pairing modern art with sustainability might seem unexpected, but they share a profound commonality. Both are rooted in daring to challenge norms and push boundaries. When artists create something entirely new, they rupture the fabric of convention, birthing innovation. Sustainability walks a parallel path, always seeking fresh ways to protect the environment and secure our planet's legacy for future generations.


That's why we're so excited to expand our Contemporary Collection phone cases with 9 new masterpieces. Within this curated ensemble, discover a kaleidoscope of abstract, expressionist, impressionist, and avant-garde patterns, designs, and paintings. Each masterpiece is a deliberate effort to weave the spirit of change into our designs – a commitment to ensuring that art continues to be a curator of change. Using sustainable, plant-based materials, our phone cases push the limits of what a phone case can be, and are also stylish and make a statement for you and the planet.


So if you're looking for a way to make a statement with your phone case and show your support for both art and sustainability, look no further than our Contemporary Collection. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn about new collection drops and other exciting updates. This is just the beginning of our journey to merge art and activism sustainably.


Art and Activism: Curating Change & Sustainability


Contemporary art is a formidable force, not just in aesthetics but as a transformative means to curate change and promote sustainability. Artists today, echoing the profound impact of visionaries like Banksy, Chris Jordan, Olafur Eliasson, and Agnes Denes, leverage their creativity to transcend conventional boundaries and carve narratives that resonate with pressing environmental concerns.


In the intricate dance between paintings, sculptures, street art, and installations, these artists reimagine their canvases to echo the beauty of nature and confront its fragility. Each stroke, sculpture, and street mural is a visceral connection to our world, evoking emotions and inspiring action.


The canvas extends beyond mere physical spaces; it becomes a powerful platform to raise awareness. Artists utilize their creative prowess to tackle environmental issues head-on. Banksy's iconic "Season's Greetings" takes the innocence of a child playing in the snow and shatters it, revealing a pile of discarded bin bags—a stark commentary on plastic pollution.


Often considered unconventional, the streets transform into dynamic galleries that unite communities. The impact resonates, compelling individuals to action. Whether it's Jordan's haunting photography, Eliasson's immersive installations, or Denes turning a Manhattan plot into a wheat field, their works transcend the traditional gallery to shape a collective consciousness.


In the contemporary narrative of art and activism, artists aren't just painters—they're provocateurs, using the streets as a canvas for change. Chris Jordan's "Intolerable Beauty" series dissects consumerism's toll on the environment, with poignant images that leave an indelible mark. Olafur Eliasson's "The Weather Project" at the Tate Modern immersed visitors in a surreal sun, challenging perceptions of the natural world. Agnes Denes's "Wheatfield – A Confrontation" turned a derelict Manhattan lot into a golden wheat field, provoking conversations about land use and sustainability.


The power of art to catalyze sustainability and elevate awareness about environmental issues is an indomitable force. These works, reflections of nature's beauty and fragility, are more than aesthetic expressions; they are calls to action. As we delve into these profound creations, we become not just spectators but active participants in the journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious planet.


The Art of Curation and Sustainability

At EcoBlvd, we view art not merely as creation but as a curation of sustainable ideas. Our evolved vision for the Contemporary Collection, now featuring 9 new designs, signifies a profound commitment to turning everyday items into statements that echo sustainability and curated expression.

The vision of curation around our Contemporary Collection is a unique statement on appreciating the natural world through the lens of various modes of art and interpretation. In our perspective, art is more than just a medium of expression; it's a thoughtful curation of ideas that transcend conventional boundaries. Each design in the collection is a masterpiece on your phone and for the planet. Our bold and daring designs capture your unique personality in a modern way, just like an artist capturing their vision on a canvas.


Inspired by the likes of Monet and Lee Krasner, our phone cases are like a museum-quality masterpiece for your pocket. The fusion of art and sustainability is evident in our designs, which focus on responsible consumption and reducing waste. 


The Contemporary Collection is more than a set of designs or mere phone cases; it's a message to the world. We invite you to explore each design in our next section, where we showcase how each one captures the beauty of the natural world uniquely and vibrantly.


Beyond The Frame: From Canvas to Case

Beyond the frame lies a realm where art transforms from canvas to case, breaking free from the confines of traditional galleries. EcoBlvd's Contemporary Collection begins a journey that transcends the expected, exploring how art becomes wearable, functional, and an integral part of our daily lives.


The transition from canvas to case is a meticulous process inspired by influential exhibits and artists who redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

In this journey, breaking norms is not just a choice but a necessity. EcoBlvd challenges the idea that art should be confined to specific spaces. Instead, we believe that art should be a part of your everyday experience, seamlessly integrated into your life. By using sustainable materials, we elevate the phone case from a mere accessory to a curated masterpiece that reflects your values and style.


EcoBlvd invites you to go beyond the frame, exploring the dynamic interplay between art and functionality. The phone case becomes a canvas, a statement piece that challenges expectations, much like the avant-garde artists who push the boundaries of creativity.


Expanding Our Gallery - 9 New Contemporary Masterpieces
New Contemporary Collection Designs - 9 New Abstract + Contemporary Art Designs On Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Our Contemporary Collection is more than just a phone case - it's a statement. By featuring designs that draw inspiration from the art world, we've created phone cases that are both functional and eye-catching. And the best part? Our phone cases are made with sustainable materials, so you can protect your phone and the environment at the same time.

Creative Streak - Let Your Ideas Move You: This design captures the essence of creative liberation, encouraging you to express your ideas boldly. It symbolizes breaking free from the expected, aligning with EcoBlvd's commitment to challenge conventional norms and inspire change.


Finding Balance - Zen Garden Inspiration: Inspired by the serene lines of a Zen garden, this design fosters a sense of peaceful calm. Much like finding balance in art and nature, EcoBlvd encourages a balanced approach to sustainability and individual expression.


Cross The Line - Daring Defiance: Breaking free from expectations, this design is a testament to daring defiance. By etching lines on a muted backdrop, EcoBlvd prompts users to embrace creative liberation and challenge societal norms.


Break Through - Kaleidoscopic Clarity: Inspired by breakthrough moments, this design narrates the euphoria of creative exploration.

Beyond Borders - Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Art knows no bounds, and this design is a testament to the profound expression of heritage, transcending boundaries and uniting us through the beauty of artistic storytelling.


Swept Away - Artistic Whirlwind: Brace yourself for a whirlwind of artistic inspiration as this design captures the breathtaking ballet of creativity, emphasizing the transformative power of art.

Geometric Web - Dynamic Interplay: Breaking free from conventional squares, this design explores the dynamic interplay of lines and shapes by challenging expectations, ensuring your style is never boxed in.


Imprint - Leave Your Mark: This fingerprint-inspired design encourages users to leave a lasting impression in style through their individual contribution to a sustainable future, making a mark through intentional choices.


Organic Matter - Beauty in Small Details: Reflecting the intricate beauty found in small details, Organic Matter is a testament to nature's sophistication. Each meticulously arranged cell symbolizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating the tiniest components of life.


Each of our 9 new curated designs is a deliberate curation that transcends aesthetics, making a powerful statement for change.


This collection goes beyond mere phone cases, transforming everyday items into profound messages. By exploring the intersection of art, sustainability, and social change, we invite you to witness the impactful journey of turning ordinary items into statements with a purpose.


Discover how each design serves as a curated masterpiece, inspiring change within you and contributing to a more sustainable future. Join us in embracing the power of art and activism. Check out our new designs and explore the entire collection to be part of this meaningful transformation.

December 15, 2023