Pack Your Bags: Jet-Set With Our New Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust isn't just a desire—it's a way of life, a magnetic force drawing us to explore the world's wonders and embrace its diverse cultures. It expresses our innate curiosity and insatiable thirst for adventure, propelling us to wander off the beaten path and discover hidden treasures waiting to be unearthed.


At EcoBlvd, we understand the transformative power of wanderlust and the importance of preserving the planet that fuels our explorations. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Wanderlust Collection, a curated selection of eco-friendly phone cases designed to accompany you on your journey, wherever it may lead.


Inspired by the beauty of our world’s cityscapes, landscapes, and the spirit of exploration that drives us forward, each design in our Wanderlust Collection tells a story of adventure and discovery. From the iconic landmarks of bustling cities to the serene tranquility of remote hideaways, our designs capture the essence of wanderlust in all its forms.

With EcoBlvd, you can wander freely, explore boldly, and fulfill the wanderlust within you—all while making a positive impact on the world around you. Join us on this journey of discovery and conservation, and together, let's wander with purpose and protect the planet we call home. Stay connected with us by signing up for our newsletter. You'll receive the latest updates on our sustainable products, exclusive offers, and tips for eco-friendly travel directly in your inbox.

Expanding Horizons: The Life-Changing Power of Travel

Travel is more than just moving from one place to another; it’s an essential journey into new experiences, perspectives, and understandings. At EcoBlvd, we believe that traveling is not only a means of discovering new places but also of growing as a person. By stepping into different cultures, engaging with diverse communities, and witnessing the marvels of our planet, you broaden your worldview and deepen your connection to the global community.


Why Travel Matters

  • Cultural Immersion: Travel immerses you in the ways of the world, teaching tolerance, enhancing empathy, and fostering a deeper appreciation of diversity. Each journey invites you to partake in local traditions, sample new cuisines, and understand different ways of life, enriching your personal narrative with stories worth sharing.
  • Environmental Awareness: Seeing the world helps underscore the urgency of preserving it. From the fragile beauty of coral reefs to the majestic grandeur of ancient forests, travel reveals the treasures we must protect. This direct experience with nature’s wonders fuels our commitment to sustainability and motivates us to advocate for policies and practices that protect our planet.

  • Personal Growth and Reflection: Travel challenges you, pushing you out of your comfort zone and into new realms of thought and emotion. It teaches resilience, flexibility, and the joy of discovery. Whether navigating a bustling street in a foreign city or hiking a tranquil trail in a national park, each step away from the familiar is a step toward discovering more about yourself and what you can achieve.
We invite you to explore the Wanderlust Collection and find the design that speaks to your spirit of adventure.

What To Pack: From Boarding Passes To Luggage Tags

Pack Your Bags With EcoBlvd's Travel Phone Case Designs

As every seasoned traveler knows, the journey begins long before you step out the door. It starts with the anticipation that builds as you pack your bags, check your list, and prepare to cross borders and time zones. Whether securing your boarding pass, setting your devices on airplane mode, or dreaming about your next destination, these designs are your first step towards a memorable journey.

Bon Voyage: Ready for a stylish departure? This design is your phone's own first-class upgrade, where every stamp is a nod to your next great getaway.

Handle With Care: Your phone is precious cargo, and this design on our ___ treats your device with VIP status, demanding the gentle touch and special attention reserved for the things we can't live without.

Next Stop: Ready to unlock your next mystery destination? With cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and more at hand, get set to jet because the world is your oyster.

Airplane Mode: Disconnect from the routine and reconnect with the thrill of travel as this design ditches the calls and texts for an array of airport signs and a departures board that spells out your dream itinerary.

Just Travel: Let this design be your daily nudge to let go to just travel, to explore without limits, and to discover the rich diversity of cultures that make up our world.

Follow Your Dreams: With this design, you can explore the destinations of your dreams, such as wandering through ancient ruins, lounging on tropical beaches, or marveling at breathtaking landscapes.

Your Next Destination Is: Iconic Cities & Countries

Find Your Next Destination With EcoBlvd's Travel Design Phone Cases

The essence of a city is captured not just in its physical landscape but in its pulse, the rhythm of daily life that defines its character. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo or strolling through the historical depths of London, these designs bring a piece of your favorite city with you wherever you go.

New York Minute:  A slice of the Big Apple, with yellow cabs, steaming hotdogs, and Lady Liberty herself.

Concrete Jungle: Take control of the city that never sleeps with the buzz of Times Square, the heights of Empire State, and Wall Street's hustle.

90210: Time to roll down the streets of Beverly Hills where palm trees high five and classic cars strut their stuff - so buckle up and let's make your phone as star-studded as a Hollywood premiere.

J’Adore Paris: Brings Paris to life with his masterpiece that transforms your phone into a canvas of the city's iconic skyline, with a touch of je ne sais quoi to awaken your artistic side.

Tokyo Nights: From the bustling streets teeming with life to the dazzling lights of the Tokyo Tower in the distance, your phone captures the essence of Japan's nocturnal charm.

Cityscape: Transport yourself to the sun-kissed streets of Spanish villa-style cities where the warm tones of terracotta buildings and deep adobe walls create a picturesque scene bathed in Mediterranean charm.

London Town: Climb onto the top deck of your own tour bus and stroll around the grand silhouette of Big Ben to the solemn beauty of the Royal Guards, and the quaint charm of the traditional red telephone box.

Natural Landmarks: The Wonders Of The World

See Natural Landmarks With EcoBlvd's Travel Design Phone Cases

From the towering serenity of Japan to the richly layered streets of Italy and the historic majesty of Great Britain, these designs capture the essence of destinations that have inspired awe throughout the ages. Each one is a portal to the wonders of the world, inviting you to carry a piece of these iconic places with you, bridging continents and cultures on your daily adventures.

Great Britain: From Big Ben's iconic chimes to the Union Jack's proud waves, get ready to take a digital tour across the pond!

Mt. Fuji: Witness the mesmerizing sunrise over Mt. Fuji as dawn breaks over Japan's iconic peak, painting the sky in hues of pink and orange.

La Dolce Vita: From the romantic canals of Venice to the majestic ruins of Rome, soak in the sweetness of Italy!

Travel Souvenirs: From Stamps To Momentos

Collect Souvenirs With EcoBlvd's Travel Design Phone Cases

Collecting souvenirs is a way to capture and cherish the memories of our travels. Our designs are inspired by this tradition, embodying the spirit and essence of diverse destinations—from the vibrant energy of Mexico and the serene landscapes of Japan to the iconic streets of Los Angeles and beyond.

Wish You Were Here: Collect a world of memories with postcard-perfect stamps from Florida to France.

Frequent Flyer: Take your phone on a world tour from Sydney to Rome, making every text a postcard from abroad.

Viva Mexico: Celebrate the heart of Mexico with an homage to the nation's rich cultural tapestry.

Japan Blossom: Let your wanderlust blossom and experience the magic of Japan's Sakura season, alive with beauty and tradition.

City of Angels: This sleek map highlights the glitz of Rodeo Drive and the relaxed vibes of Santa Monica Pier.


Ready to pack a punch with your travel style? Remember that wanderlust isn't just a desire—it's a way of life that inspires us to see the world in new and meaningful ways. EcoBlvd's Wanderlust Collection embodies this spirit, offering you a sustainable way to carry the destinations and landmarks of where you go. Make these cases part of your essential carry-ons, and continue to wander with purpose, wherever your travels may take you next.


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