LifeVine USB-C to Lightning Charging Cable

The intersection of style and sustainability ™

Color: Let's Go Green


All USB-C to Lightning LifeVine cables are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, including bottles, scraps, and more, as well as recycled aluminum and stainless steel,  keeping up with ever-changing charging demands, and conserving natural resources.

The USB-C to Lightning LifeVine cable is MFi certified, which means it meets Apple's requirements for high performance and outstanding functionality. Paired with a PowerPlant or Power Delivery charger, the cable can support up to 60W of high-speed charging to take the latest iPhone 14 or iPad to 50% in only 30 minutes! In seconds, you can transfer larger files, such as images and videos, with data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps.

Wrapped in our Remerge™ recycled plastic braided knit, this sustainable USB-C to Lightning cable offers an unprecedented bend lifetime of 15,000 times, offering exceptional flexibility and durability! We've ensured the cable has the best safety features, with shock and overheat protection, and reinforced connectors made out of recycled aluminum alloy. LifeVine’s "Let's Go" Green color reflects its support for its commitment to better, cleaner energy and to raising awareness of climate change threats.



Made From Remerge™ Certified Recycled Material
Wrapped In Post-Consumer Braided Plastic
Recycled Aluminum Alloy Connectors
Sustainably Sourced
Made for Apple Devices
MFi Certified
USB-C to Lightning
Supports Up to 60W Power Delivery
High-Speed 480Mbps Data Transfer
Unrivaled Durability
Incredible Bend Lifetime
1-Year Warranty 


Cable Type:Lightning to USB-C
Length: 6ft/1.8m